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Richard Sternberg


Sarah Mesgian

  Name: Richard Sternberg

  Current Position: SEN Leader, Wider Leadership Team

  School Name and Address: Byron Court Primary School,

                                                Spencer Road, Wembley, Middlesex.

  Specialist Area(s): SEND

Background Information:

As the SEN Leader I take a leading role in the procedures and systems of identifying, supporting and managing the provision for children with special educational needs and disabilities. This ranges throughout Primary school, from early identification in Reception to supporting Year 6 children with SEND and their transition to Secondary School. I have led intervention programmes for reading, writing, phonics and maths across the school, including research projects for the National College (Numicon). I also currently lead on Teaching Assistant CPD and NQT training sessions for SEND.

Quality First teaching, I believe, is at the heart of a child’s progress and is even more seminal when teaching children with SEND. Regular updated and relevant guidance is vital for all staff.

I am keen to impart my leadership skills and am enthusiastic about sharing successful practice across other schools. As part of my ongoing professional development I am completing the NPQSL course this year, and my Action Research Project for my Masters dissertation currently focuses on effective use of TAs within the classroom.

How I can support:

  • Easy to use strategies to identify SEND and useful next steps for teaching staff
  • New SEND Code of Practice practical changes to systems and procedures (including: to IEP or not to IEP?)
  • CPD training for teaching staff and TAs Using effective monitoring and formative and summative assessment data for high-quality, targeted interventions
  • Local Offer/PP/Policies/Data analysis

  Name: Sarah Mesgian

  Current Position: SENCo

  School Name and Address: Oliver Goldsmith Primary School,

                                                Wembley, Middlesex.

  Specialist Area(s): SENCo, Specific Learning Difficulties,

                                                              leadership, coaching and mentoring

Background Information:

I am currently the SENCo at Oliver Goldsmith Primary School. Previously I was an Inclusion Leader and designated teacher for eight years. I successfully completed the SENCo Accredited training (2011). I have an OCR Level Five Certificate in Specific Learning Difficulties and attended a course on aspiring leadership and coaching and mentoring. All of which have contributed to my knowledge and understanding of better practice and how such changes can be adopted and successfully implemented

I have led government and local initiatives that addressed needs identified within the school community. They had a significant impact on teaching and learning and the well-being of children across the school, these included:

  • The TAMHS project – targeting mental health and well-being
  • The Dyscalculia project aimed at supporting those pupils who struggled in the acquisition of mathematical concepts,
  • The ‘Year of Communication,’ this highlighted the need for effective communication to take place before reading and writing could take place
  • ‘growth through gardening club.’ addressed the need for social skills.As a result of the school’s involvement we achieved level four with the Royal Horticultural Society and were also lucky enough to be selected to contribute to the centenary celebration at the Chelsea Flower Show (2013) in the 1970’s garden, for which we won a Silver Gilt award

I am currently involved in a pilot project with Dyslexia Action targeting those pupils that failed the year one phonics screening test.

I am enthusiastic and passionate about what I do and want to make a difference to the life outcomes for all children, especially those that are disadvantaged through learning difficulties or circumstance