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Brent Teaching School Alliance

EAL & Phonics

  Madhu Bakshi

  Current Position: EAL and Phonics leader

  School Name and Address: Byron Court Primary School,

                                                Spencer Road, Wembley, Middlesex.

  Specialist Area(s): EAL and Phonics

Background Information:

I have extensive knowledge and understanding of the systems, policies, procedures, teaching and learning that takes place in a Primary School having taught across all year groups over the last ten years. I am confident in my skills to be able to personalise and adapt provision to inspire, develop and cater to pupil needs. I demonstrate this confidence not just in my own practice but also provide a clear direction for all staff as part of my leadership role.

How I can support:

I am very passionate about education and strongly believe that learning never ends however old you may be. I have always tried to be true to this in my interactions and am committed to bringing out the best in others. I am very motivated by this opportunity to broaden my experience of working with and supporting others outside my own school context.