National Professional Qualification for Middle Leadership

This level has been developed for those leading a team within an organisation. It is often aligned with a middle leadership role within school. Level 1 leaders might include those who have recently taken on a middle leadership role or a new responsibility or those who are more established and experienced in their role. Level 1 modules are also available to aspiring leaders; teachers who are ambitious and keen to seek promotion to middle leadership roles.


As part of the new modular curriculum, level 1 draws upon the latest research in leadership development and school improvement; offers opportunity for reflection and analysis through activities written at Master’s Level; provides case studies and accounts of practice from highly successful school leaders and has a strong focus on school based learning and own school improvement. As with level 2, all provision offered by the BTSA will be designed and delivered by school leaders, drawing upon their outstanding, proven experience and expertise in order to better equip the next generation of middle leaders.


Participants are required to complete two essential modules, one further elective module and a final assessment task.

 Managing Systems and Process

This module focuses on the importance of effective management structures, systems and processes. Participants will learn about the role of team leaders in implementing whole school policies with their team in a systematic and consistent way. The module will explore a number of models and theories of leadership and consider the relationship between leadership and management.

 Leading Teaching

Through this module participants will know how to develop, improve and sustain high quality teaching within a team. They will also know and understand the importance of using data and identifying strategies for closing the gaps in attainment.

 Leading an Effective Team

This module focuses on how team leaders can develop a highly effective team with a culture of high performance and high levels of trust. It recognises the varied and sometimes complex nature of team structures in schools. Participants will learn about the characteristics of highly effective teams and the research evidence relating to how to build, lead and sustain such a team.


To gain the qualification participants need to undertake some authentic school improvement work that relates to their leadership role and is linked to the school’s improvement priorities. The work should be undertaken over at least two terms and enable participants to show evidence of the impact of their leadership at team level. When completing the school improvement work, participants need to draw upon their learning from the essential and elective modules. For the task you will be expected to draw upon your practical experience, research and school evidence to inform your leadership decision making. You will also be expected to apply your learning from the essential (Leading Teaching and Managing Systems and Processes) and elective module you have completed, and to draw upon your knowledge and expertise in relevant national policy priorities. The school improvement task will include written evidence / appropriate documentation submitted by you and further evidence / verification from your sponsor and headteacher.