B|T|S|A Introduction to a Faculty Structure

 Introducing a Faculty Structure

The Faculty structure provides many opportunities for staff development, whilst building sustainable capacity for the future.

What are the benefits to a school?

  • Faculties are responsible for shaping the School Development Plan
  • Faculty Leaders support school improvement at every level
  • More achieved as there is a team driving improvements
  • Shared ownership and accountability
  • Builds capacity by developing leaders for the future
  • Involvement of all staff
  • Empowering
  • Motivating

The BTSA provides bespoke support and guidance in this process

An example:

Initial consultation – Duration 2 hours

Support to implement and embed a faulty structure: Three half day sessions

Session 1: To support the SLT with the process of introducing the faculty structure. To work with the school’s faculty leaders to create their initial action plans and support them with aspects of their role.

Session 2: (2 months later) To Support the faculty leaders in developing their teams and addressing issues arising in their new role.

Session 3: To support the faculty leaders in the review of their action plans at the end of the year, identify the impact and plan for the next year.

Please contact Trudi Mooteealoo for further information.