Improving Teacher Programme


      Sudbury Primary School

      Watford Rd,



      HA0 3EY

 Facilitators: Sudbury Leadership Team.

 Cost: £750 per delegate

 Contact: Angela Bowen: 020 8385 4444: otp@sudbury.brent.sch.uk

 Outline of course

The Improving Teacher Programme is aimed at teachers seeking to deliver consistently good lessons. It equips teachers with a range of good teaching and learning techniques as well as developing their skills and the opportunity to apply these skills in school.

Accredited by the National College for School Leadership, this is a nationally recognised and versatile programme for teachers looking to improve, designed to develop their practice within the classroom

The Improving Teacher Programme offers intensive practical and interactive training to equip teachers with a range of good teaching and learning techniques along with knowledge and confidence to succeed. The program is based on best practice coaching models and is focused on reflective learning. Training will take place at Sudbury Primary School, giving delegates the opportunity to undertake focused lesson observations.

Ideally in groups of 3 delegates from each school, the sessions are devised for colleagues to develop their pedagogical skills to consistently deliver Good lessons.

An exciting School to School opportunity led by Sudbury Primary School an OLEVI Accredited School

 Intended Outcomes

  • Know the key concepts underpinning ‘good’ practice in the classroom and deliver these concepts through consistent practice.

  • Understand the impact of these concepts on ‘good’ teaching and learning.

  • Enable delegates to self-assess and audit their own teaching and use this to deepen their understanding of effective teaching and learning through learning activities, lesson observations, facilitated debriefs and follow-up coaching.